Babyplast 6/10P


Table top Micro Molding Machine for small parts, miniature parts and Micro parts

Production machine,for part that weighs from 0.01g. to a maximum of 15g, BABYPLAST 6/10P is a right choice.

A Small, efficient, cost effective micro-injection machine designed for micro-components manufacturer Babyplast has been pioneering micro-molding since the early 1990s, with good track record covering more than 10,000 application in the 0.01g to 15g shot range.

The high precision and accurate repeatability of Babyplast 6/10P is micro-manufacturer preferred machine.

• High Productive machine Ideal for mass production, short runs and prototyping with frequent tool changes

• Fast return on investment Low initial investment, low power consumption and low tooling cost

• Shorter Tooling lead time Palm size tooling require shorten fabrication time

• Faster Cycle times • Greater quality control with High accuracy and repeatability

• Reduce product unit cost Small sprue and runner thus low material wastage

• Versatile Suitable for all types of engineering polymer, thermoplastic material up to 420ºC

• Easy to operate, Lower set up cost per part Quick and easy set-up, fast tooling changes and low maintenance reduce downtime and increase productivity. These benefits are what everyone is looking for today.


With more than 10,000 applications used on the Babyplast machine, that include the use of the most varied thermoplastics, various types of moulds, we are able to put at the disposal of the customer our experience, that has no equal in the field of micro injection moulding. The majority of the moulds developed for Babyplast are not only for preliminary production or prototypes, but for full production. The materials used, range from PP-PS-PE-ABS-PA to PC-POM-PBT-PPS-PPO-LCP, from thermo rubbers to filled materials, from ceramics to sintered metals. Moulds have been developed with up to four slides, single and multi tips with up to four tips, and as many as 40 cavities in one single mould. Babyplast is mainly used in technical fields: Electronics - automotive – micro-mechanics - medical - furniture, but it is also used by manufacturers of toys – promotional products - cosmetics – costume jewellery.


Babyplast 6/10P is the fruit of the experience gained from the thousands of applications matured in medical - electronic - micro-engineering fields and from years of research and development in the field of MICRO-INJECTION of thermoplastic materials, ceramics and waxes for micro-fusion. The results achieved on world markets of our table top machine Babyplast, together with the continued and constant developments in performance and applications, have brought it to be a leader in its field taking on the challenge to satisfy the demands of such an ample area. The new electronics controlled by two powerful microprocessors, widens and improves the field of application of Babyplast 6/10P and increases its characteristics:

 Easy to operate with the possibility to memorise up to 100 production cycles.

 Cost saving mould construction thanks to the particular concept of its plattens.

 The injection group can be moved off centre. 5 piston sizes from 3 to 15 cm³ Pressure settings from 2650 to 815 bar.

 PID temperature control with the possibility to control mould and hot runner (230V) temperature.

 Proportional hydraulics – Silenced motor / pump assembly.

 Output sockets for auxiliaries, controlled by the microprocessor – PC interface

 Cooling circuit (5 zone) controlled by microprocessor (Optional)

 Monitoring of injection position and mould closure by linear transducers.

 Quality control. All of this maintaining the same basic structure and not forgetting the concept of simplicity which has been a major contribution to defining it as a forerunner in micro-injection moulding machines...



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