Babyplast Micro Tooling


Babyplast platens and tiebars act as the mould bolster, providing alignment for mould halves without the need for locating pins. This systems offers many advantages for micro molders







Benefits of Babyplast Micro Tooling

• Low initial investment as the mold base is small

• Able to start production fast as lead time is short to fabricate mold

• Easier to balance runners with less cavitations

• Less material wastage as runner is short and able to "designed in" to micro tooling

• More space for cavity as location pins not required

• Easy to control mold temperature

• No restriction on mould shut-heights like other micro machines

• Reduce mold set up time, 5 minutes to change tooling

• Micro Ewikon hot tips available (max. 8 tips)


We also offer a full tooling design, mold fabrication and mold test services. We have thousands of Babyplast micro tooling in operation across the world. Email us: for enquiry.


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Accessories for Babyplast Tooling
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