Babyplast UAII/10P

Multi-Shot molding machine


Babyplast Multi-shot injection molding unit easily convert existing machine to 2K molding machine…..

Babyplast UAI the Micro Multi-shot injection solution to work with your existing injection machine…..

Babyplast UAI suitable for LSR ( Liquid Silicone Rubber) to meet your requirement……..

The Babyplast UAII/10P is an independent self-contained secondary injection unit suitable for all types of molding machine. Can be easily move and plug from machine to machine. This is a cost effective solution of 2-shot molding, as it cost only a fraction of the price of a dedicated 2-shot machine.

Now you do not have to invest in costly big dedicated 2 shot plastic injection machine. Babyplast UAI is better choice: • Suitable for all brands and all sizes of molding machine

• Suitable to integrate with production assembly line

• Totally independent self-contained injection unit

• Able to complete multi-shot in one single process

• No insertion of parts required thus no waste of first component

• High mobility – just plug and play on any injection machine

• Easy to set up, reduce machine down time

• Injection unit sizes from 3 to 15 cm³ Pressure settings from 2650 to 815 bar

• Shot volume – 4cm³ to 36cm³

• Ideal for electronic, medical, automotive, consumer product

• Low investment cost compared to dedicated machine

• Energy and space savings- power consumption 2,8Kw

• It is possible to store over 100 production cycles

• Allows the use of standard machines for the production of multi component applications.

• The injection unit can be installed horizontally or vertically on the mould.

• Cost saving mould construction due to the advantage of flexibility in choosing the second injection point.

• PID temperature control and colour touch screen display

• Monitoring of injection piston position by linear transducer.

• Hydraulics and electronics mounted in a cabinet on wheels for easy movement and storage.

• The control panel can be positioned up to 10m from the trolley.



Unique Injection Unit - An autonomous injection unit for multi shot applications A small unit for big machines. A Plug and Play solution. A Multi component Injection Molding Unit It comprised of an injection unit which can be installed directly onto a mold and a control unit, on wheels, which contains the electronics and the proportional hydraulics. The connection to the injection molding machine can be carried out quickly and easily, with simple interface using current free INPUT/OUTPUT contacts. Any injection molding thermoplastic material can be processed with processing temperatures up to 420°C. Babyplast machines feature a specially designed plasticizing chamber which feeds a micro plunger for very accurate injection. This eliminates inconsistencies caused by conventional check ring designs when injecting small volumes of material.


• Five different standard plunger diameters, low cost and quick to replace

• Offset injection feature reduces molded-in stress and wastage

• Auto purge facility for simple start-up and shut-down

• Micro granules are not required

• Ideal for all engineering materials such as glass filled and high temperature

• Can also process elastomers, ceramics and sintered metals

• Injection stroke accurately controlled via transducer

• Inject directly onto part using hot tip (control fitted as standard)

• Static mixer nozzle available (optional extra)

• Ewikon hot tip available, max 8 tips (optional extra)

• Micro material hopper loaders available (optional extra)



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