We are Babyplast Exclusive Disributor of Southeast Asia. Sales territory includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei. We are capable of providing following support to Babyplast customers with our plastic injection technical knowhow:

  • Fabrication of Babyplast Tools
    To provide world wide direct support to Babyplast customers. We design Babyplast Mold, fabricate Babyplast prototype mold/mould, Babyplast high precision mold/mould. Babyplast micro-mold/mould, Babyplast stack mold/mould, Babyplast 2k and multi-component mold/mould, Babyplast LSR mold/mould for our customers

  • Babyplast Mold/mould Testing and Qualification Services
    We provide Babyplast mold/mould test and qualification service. This includes the loaning of machines, provision of manpower, systematic quality assurance and control inspections and the sourcing/provision of raw materials.

  • Built to design Babyplast Automation system to improve productivity

  • Turnkey Injection project management

Babyplast machine range includes Micro-Injection Machine, Babyplast Multi component Injection Unit Babyplast Vertical Injection machine also suitable for MIM, CIM application. Babyplast LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Injection Machine is an economical solution for small part injection.

Babyplast 6/10P


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Table top Micro Molding Machine for small parts, miniature parts and Micro parts




Babyplast UAII/10P

Multi-Shot molding machine


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The Babyplast UAII/10P is an independent self-contained secondary injection unit suitable for all types of molding machine.



Babyplast 6/10 VP Vertical Molding



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Babyplast 6/10 VP Vertical Molding Machine is a compact insert molding machine is perfect direct integration into assembly line.


Babyplast Micro Tooling


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Babyplast platens and tiebars act as the mould bolster, providing alignment for mould halves without the need for locating pins. This systems offers many advantages for micro molders


Accessories for Babyplast
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