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ULTRA PLAST, truly effective  cleaning product in chips, eliminates all your problems when changing color and/or material. ULTRA PLAST  constantly improved and adapted to ever changing resins and master batches to ensure the best cleaning performance on your molding machines. 

 ULTRA PLAST has developed two new  ULTRAGREEN  products which are recyclable and biodegradable: Ultra Plast BIO PET and Ultra Plast ECO PO.   

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How does it work?

• It is not abrasive and functions with a chemical reaction. Thanks to its particular composition, colour, incrustations, black spots, rust and any impurities will be softened, removed and ejected from the machinery.
• In this new formula an expanding and foaming agent makes it still more efficient, specially for the most difficult situations: the machines with degassing and the plasticizing accumulators.
• Ultra Plast cleans at the temperature of the previously worked material and does not need any waiting time during cleaning cycle.


• Non toxic
• No waiting time during cleaning operation
• Safe and easy handling. Excellent efficiency
• Saves time for the cleaning operation. No raw material waste
• No smell: no unhealthy gas production
• No damage for your machines: no solvent or abrasive material content
• If used frequently, it protects steel from oxidation making cleaning operations easier and faster
• All components of Ultra Plast compound are safe according FDA
• Certification according to CE 2002/72 for the contact with food or drinks