Babyplast Horizontal – Hybrid

The new  Babyplast 10/12-HY micro-injecting moulding machine is designed for thermoplastics processing. The combination of electric speed and hydraulic power provides precision production performance. The high injection speed improved performance for both thin- and thick-walled parts.  Some of the specific advantages of hybrid systems include:

  • It allows for the diversity of product designs. 
  • Closed loop processes with a faster response time
  • Faster ROI due to its efficiencies

There are thousands of applications for the production of micro parts, small precision parts and miniature parts in medical and healthcare; electronics; aerospace; micro-mechanical; prototyping; cleanroom moulding; technical training; Research & development in material studies.

  • Off centre injection is possible
  • 4 temperature control zones (optional 5th zone), with mould temperature adjustment or hot runner 230 V
  • Output for auxiliary control
  • Cooling circuit (6 zones)
  • Euromap 67 (optional)
  • Off centre injection is possible
  • Air blow and core pull functions & More……
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Babyplast produces high-quality parts
  • The small mould size allows fewer cavities, therefore it is easier to balance cavity layout and sprue. Direct control in mould temperature within the cavity plate resulted in homogeneous mould temperature.
  • Solution to material degradation. The unique plastification system process materials without overheating and frictional stress.  The material is plasticised by direct contact with the hot metal spheres in the plastification cylinder. The material residence time is significantly reduced even shot weight is less than 1gram as the plastification chamber ( 15cm³) size is reduced.  
Savings in production cost
  • Low ELECTRICAL consumption. 3 kW when power is installed, Inverter for motor speed control.  1.5 to 2.5 kW when on cycle. 
  • Low sprue/part ratio. Direct injection to the cavity plate, reduces the sprue size. The average weight of sprue for 4 cavities is 0.6 gram.
  • Low energy consumption in cooling/ heating in order to maintain desired mould temperature due to the reduced  Mould dimension.
  • Reduced time for mould and material changes.  Two screws each to fix mould on cavity plates and machine platens. 100/150-gram of material required for colour change.
  • Significant savings in production space. The compact design of Babyplast requires less than 1m²  (1×0.6 m), inclusive of the machine, chiller, power supply, cast separator, dehumidifier and robot.
  • High production flexibility.  As fewer cavities are allowed in small moulds, therefore multiple machines are used for production. Fraction of production is affected in case of disruption. Different coloured batched can be produced simultaneously. Machines/moulds could be replicated to increase production.
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Technical Specs
Technical Data
No. of Cavity: 1 | Material: Polypropylene | Part weight: 2.93g | Shot weight: 2.93g (direct nozzle) | Wall thickness: 0.5mm | Lid hinge wall thickness : 0.1mm
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